3 of Shem Creek late evening.

Crab Shack from Walkway

Hunting Island Lighthouse

Capt Dennis

Mouth of Shem Creek

Wanda Shrimp Company Dock

Passing Sullivan’s Island

Series of Woodstorks

Early Morning on the Creek (20x16)
Storm Surge (20x16)
Living Yard Art (12x16)
Trawlers @ Wando Shrimp Company (16x20)
Crab & Shrimps Boats (12x16)
Shem Creek Trawlers (11x14)
Girl Talk (11x15)
Jenkins' Store (16x20)
A Boy, His Dog, & a Fishing Pole (16x20)
Bend in the River (16x20)
Vessels from my Past (20x16)
Dolphin Escort (20x16)
Stormy Seas & Capt Dennis (16x20)
Capt Dennis (20x16)
Bend in the Bohicket, Rockville (20x16)
Coming Home (frames 24x20)
Misty Fog (Sold)
Unity Alley (16x20) Sold
All About Color (18x16) Sold
Entering the Creek (framed 20x16) Sold
Mist on the Water (20x16)
Entering Shem Creek (Sold)
Misty Morning (Gift)
Underway (18x16)
Shrimp Dock (Sold)
After the Rain
Shem Creek Shrimpers (18x16)
A Refreshing Morning (sold)
Soft morning Sprinkle (Sold)
Hurricane Warning (Sold)
"Julia" (painted during Tropical Storm Julia)
Pelican Flight
A Refreshing Stroll
Along Town Creek
"His & Hers" Homebound (27x19)
Strolling in Unity Alley
Sunset on the Dawhoo (Sold)